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Competency Development:

Leadership Development & Competencies

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We can help

Core Measures can help you create a competency matrix to integrate all the efforts of your human resource systems.

Why develop competencies?

Organisations succeed or fail at the hands of the people who manage and staff them. Therefore, organisations need a common language to select, develop and evaluate their people in order to maintain and improve organisational performance. Put all these issues together and the need for a focal point to integrate these systems becomes very clear. Thus an integrated competency framework has become an essential part of measuring and managing individual and organisational effectiveness.

The core competencies had to have clear definitions of behaviours and skills critical for successful performance

Using Core Measures competency development tools and interventions, the project was completed on time and to all agreed expectations. This included a competency analysis report detailing a list of competencies and key actions and a human resource competency integration methodology.

As a result of this success, Core Measures was engaged again to continue developing this organisation’s competency framework.

Case study

The project objective for this government division of 1000 staff was to establish a set of common criteria all HR systems so that they had people with the right capabilities to help achieve its vision.

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