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Culture Change:

Why invest in Culture Change?

The reality is that all your staff are ‘orphans’. They all come from different homes with varying socio-economic upbringing, ethnic diversity and different education experiences. Not only this but they are often from different age ranges from the highly mobile, tech smart Gen Y group, to the Gen X career oriented set to the retire oriented but experienced baby boomers.

It does not mean staff are likely to be dysfunctional but they may not have the same way of looking at life and work and interacting with others.

What do Organisations typically do?

An organisation typically creates a set of Values as a ‘code of belief’ which employees should follow. The Values may include; Integrity, Passion,Teamwork, Customer Service etc. Most companies add definitions and a set of behaviours which focus on key actions relating to the Value.

4 step cultural change process

Whilst the above approach is a natural starting point organizations often fail to take this a step further and get employees to demonstrate the Values and be recognized, credited/rewarded for it. It may seem a bit Skinnerian but it works.

What will Culture Change initiatives achieve?

The Core Measures culture change methodology acts to unite people to inspire a passionate culture.

The Process

It utilizes a combination of consultative analysis and an internal team based approach utilizing ‘technology’ transfer to create a chain reaction revolution from the value culture design, system and process to affecting individual mindsets. There are projects between value workshop segments that allow the key influencers to implement and cultivate powerful perceptions that create energy to spread throughout the organization.

NB Core Measures’ clients may be at different changes of a culture change and therefore require a

Different starting point.

For a complete step-by-step roadmap to culture change within your organisation,

please Contact Us

Monitor culture change via different indicators. Measure change. 
Make improvements.