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Employee Selection Criteria:

Using a Competency based approach

We all need to make accurate hiring decisions

That means bringing in people who have the right capabilities and who fit-in with the organization’s culture. Selecting the wrong applicant for the job can be costly.

Gut- feel unstructured interviewing is easy to do. Candidates learn to be ‘good talkers’ and propose to be ‘aspirational’ team players. But can you prove it?

What’s the best method to determine that the candidate is right for us?

Most selection processes fail to consistently identify the best candidate for a job.

Core Measures’ competency-based recruitment and interviewer training remove these problems.

Our ‘Selecting STARS’ competency-based selection system is a highly-integrated, accurate, fair and effective method of securing high performers.

‘Selecting STARS’ is a proven solution benchmarked on world class best practices, designed to help develop the skills, techniques and requirements of successful interviewing.

‘Selecting STARS’ comprehensive, fully customisable skill-building programme trains interviewers how to obtain the right kind of applicant information. This contributes to the interviewer’s ability to make a prediction about the probability of success in the job.

In summary, ‘Selecting STARS’ trains interviewers to:

Core Measures offers the following fully customisable competency based

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