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A sample agenda

The Performance Management System

  • The organisation’s Performance System
  • Appraisal changes, if any for this year

Performance Appraisal Issues

  • Participant performance appraisal concerns
  • Major headaches

The Appraisal Form

  • A review of the form, rating system and completion process

Rating KPIs, Objectives

  • Measuring KPIs/objectives
  • Exercises on rating KPIs/objectives
  • Problems with rating systems

Rating Competencies

  • Rating behavioural competencies.
  • Overcoming subjectivity through behaviour classification, observation, inference and critical incidents

Appraiser Errors

  • Psychological errors in appraisals.
  • A light hearted look at potential appraisal errors-video

Overall Ratings

  • Calibrating overall ratings
  • How to gain agreement

Conducting the Appraisal

  • Key elements in preparing for an appraisal
  • Using relationship skills and managing the appraisal
  • Giving reviews that motivate
  • Learning the appraisal meeting process.
  • Video

Practicing how to Appraise

  • Using an appraisal case study to develop appraisal skills.
  • Getting feedback on appraisal techniques

Handling Difficult Situations

  • Resolving potential conflict with the difficult employee.
  • Overcoming rating negotiation.
  • Video

Appraisal Follow Up

  • Connecting appraisal to development and training.

Dreaded and feared appraisal is the phase which ends the performance cycle and offers a starting point for the next one.

This is the annual review of how your actual results compare with the outcomes you agreed on at the start of the performance cycle. Remember, the appraisal is not about capabilities but results.

Quick Check

Put a tick next to the box which covers the aspect of the appraisal that is necessary for you

Performance Appraisal:

The appraisal is based on the levels of performance you agreed to at the beginning of the cycle, not unknowns. The appraisal is based on hard data, not on feelings and opinions. Ratings aren’t predetermined; you and your subordinate reach agreement on them during the discussion.

Your subordinate’s strengths as well as areas that need improvement are discussed.

You discuss your subordinate’s continued development for the future.

Anxiety and trepidation often come to mind preparing for or giving a performance appraisal.

Core Measures believes it does not have to be like this and provides training for both supervisors and employees to prepare for an exceptional appraisal meeting and outcome.

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