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Chapters in Books

‘Performance Measurement & Management’, in Abdul Ghani PG HJ Metusin&Ooi Kee Beng (eds) (2005) HRD for Developing States and Countries, Institute of South East Asian Studies and the Asean-EC Management Centre.Mills, C., (2005)

Lessons Learnt from a Turbulent Voyage in Search of Nirvana, in Kumar, Prem (ed) (2003) Organisational Learning for All Seasons: Building Internal Capabilities for Competitive Advantage, National Community Leadership Institute. Singapore: Mills, C., (2003)


Performance Management

‘Performance Management. Have We Made It? Today’s Manager, issue 2, Singapore Institute of Management, Singapore.Mills, C., (2013)
‘Appraising Appraisal’, Human Resources, December, SingaporeMills, C., (2007).
‘Measuring & Managing Performance’, Maximising your shareholders’ ROI’, Singapore Biotech Guide 2004/5, Times Business Information International Publishing, December.Mills, C., (2004)
‘Time to Appraise Your Appraisal System’, The Straits Times, December 6 Singapore.Mills, C., (2003)
‘An Interview with Christopher Mills’, Human Capital, Singapore Human Resource Institute. April.SHRI (2003)
‘Measure & Manage Performance Better. How to Audit your Appraisal System’. Today’s Manager. SIM. Feb-March.Mills, C., (2003)
‘The Magic Engineering Co Ltd. From Obsolescence and Obscurity to State-of-the-Art Performance Management and Success in Three Steps’. Today’s Manager, Singapore Institute of Management. Feb-March. Mills, C., (2003)
Forging a Fitter Fun Airways. Not a Fable or a Fad but a Fundamental way of Managing Performance. Malaysia Airlines. June.Mills, C., (1999)
‘Cooling the Volcano Within’. Benefits of a Performance Management System. BBA News. British Business Association. Singapore April-May.Mills, C., (1995)
‘A Pyramid of Performance Problems’. BBA News. British Business Association. Jan-Feb.Mills, C., (1995)
‘Five Frustrations your Employees Feel’. Berita Personnel. Malaysian Institute of Personnel Management. December.Mills, C., (1994)
‘Forging a Fitter Fun Corp.’ The “Perfect” Performance Management System. Today’s Manager. SIM. June.Mills, C., (1994)

Leadership and Performance

‘Too Far too Fast?’ A human resource case study. The University of Luton Business School. UK. Mills, C., (1996)

Competency Development

‘High Fliers or Lame Ducks. Are your Staff ‘Competent or Incompetent?’ BBA News. British Business Association. Singapore Jan-Feb. Mills, C., (1996)
‘Mirror, Mirror on the Wall’. BBA News. British Business Association. Singapore July-August. Mills, C., (1995)

Human Resource Management

‘Developing Best Practices in Human Resources-Growing a Biotech start-up for success. Singapore Biotech Guide 2007/8, Times Business Information International Publishing, December. Mills,C., (2007)
HR Audit of “The Miracle” Company. Unpublished article. Mills, C., (2002)


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