Talent Acquisition / Young Talent Development Program

Core Measures (China) Consulting

Our Focus

Talent Acquisition is an ongoing strategy to find specialists, leaders, or future executives for your company. Although we can fill vacancies, we also focus on long-term human resources planning and finding appropriate candidates for positions that require a very specific skill set. This also helps exceptional candidates with their next career move.

Young Talent Development is about helping returning overseas students by providing assessment, career planning, training and coaching programmes to enhance their employability at the start of their career path.

Our Approach


Every year there are about 600,000 young students go abroad to study. It has been the market trend in China education industry. However, it’s really a surprising phenomenon that many cannot find an ideal job when they come back soon after their graduation. No one really understand why.

Core Measures provides assessment, career planning, training and coaching programmes for them to enhance their employability and help them to get into the track at the very beginning of their career path.

Benefits of career planning

  • Clearer understanding about personal strength and development areas
  • Develop their strength and potential
  • Tracking their career development and proving assistance and coaching

Our Services

Stage 1:Branding

  • Build up personal brand
  • Career planning ABC
  • Required job competencies
  • Survival bible
  • Key factors to career success
  • Build career ladder

Stage 2: Coaching

  • Career development consultant provide guidance and tracking in career development process
  • Complete Personal development plan
  • Management tools in multinational companies

Stage 3: Development

  • Make recommendation in a global fortune 500 company at least one time
  • Interview questions and preparation
  • Role play one-on-one for the interview skills training
  • Situational interview handling


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