Culture Change

Why Invest In Culture Change?

The reality is that all your staff are orphans.
They all come from different homes with varying socio-economic upbringing, ethnic diversity and different education experiences. Not only this but they are often from different age ranges from the highly mobile, tech smart Gen Z i-generation & Gen Y group, to the Gen X career- oriented set to the retire oriented but experienced baby boomers. It does not mean staff are likely to be dysfunctional but they may not have the same way of looking at life and work and interacting with others

Process For Change

The purpose is to create a process to re-vitalize your corporate culture to engender organizational effectiveness. This means inculcating the Values into the heart of staff and developing a cultural identity. This is important as a high-performance culture is not just about ‘What’ an employee achieves from their KPIs and Targets but also ‘How’ a person accomplishes results.
A typical interactive workshop agenda looks like this:

  • Why focus on the Values?
  • Defining the Values – Creating Key Actions
  • Auditing Values
  • Demonstrating Values – Rating Values demonstration
  • Recognizing Values demonstration
  • Implementation- Challenges – Communication – Recognition – Implementation


  • Employees committed to a high-performance culture
  • Enhanced accountability and performance
  • Superior organizational culture
  • Established proactive self-leadership


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