Strategic Focus

How To Put Strategic Planning Into Action

There is no single strategic planning model which works best for all businesses. Which method is optimal for your organization? Perhaps customizing to your needs by using a combination of approaches

Core Measures offers a variety of Strategic planning options.

Strategic Planning 1

This facilitator led approach is popular.


  • Appraise strategic objectives. What is going well & what will be achieved. What problems occurred &why?


  • Review the organizational Vision. How are we measuring our future direction? How do we know when the Vision will be achieved?
  • Our Values? Linking culture to employee accountability.
  • We examine present/future external/internal forces affecting the organisational direction.
  • Initiation of tentative critical success factors (CSFs).


  • Introduce four thrusts to develop CSFs and thus key areas for change.
  • Re-map the strategic objectives with milestones, communication and responsibilities.
  • Develop an accountability tree linking individual KPIs to strategic goals Corporate objectives.

Strategic Planning 2

This approach covers the development of a strategic map, the completion of a corporate risk scorecard with linkage to individual accountability.

  • Review financial, customer, process & human capital performance indicators.
  • Create indicators, which have impact on moving the organisation forward.
  • Now develop a strategy map with measures and targets.
  • Present a summary of a balanced scorecard (BSC) for verification.
  • Link the scorecard to a performance management system.
  • Develop individual KPIs to the strategy map.


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