Performance Management

The Performance Management process typically consists of three phases: Performance Planning, Performance Review and Performance Appraisal. These phases represent an ongoing process used throughout the year.

Upgrading Your Performance System

If you sense there are shortcomings with the way performance is measured and managed in your company? Results not as expected, staff morale affected? What can be done to improve the situation?


  • First, identify what type of performance system you are presently using. By doing this, you can then look at what the system is designed for and whether it has been successful.
  • Second, collect data by auditing the present performance system.
  • Third, if necessary, convince management of the need for change and be clear of what you want to change and why.

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Core Measures, hence our name, can design the Performance Management Form

This will spotlight on each section of the form with Key Result Areas, KPIS, targets, competencies, tracking methods, results and ratings. This will also include design of rating scales and appropriate overall evaluation methods


The following materials may need to be designed or updated.

  • The performance management policy
  • The performance management framework guide
  • The competency model guide


Our training approach is classic behaviour modelling in style for optimum skill development and calibration i.e. Each workshop combines short lectures with examples on key content, video demonstration, exercises and behaviour modelling skill practice.


Just as the Analysis phase means conducting a pre-survey, the Review phase means comparing before and after with a post survey and presentation to management to show the ROI.

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