Learning Transfer


Learning transfer refers to how individuals are supported before and after a training programme, so that people can successfully apply what they have learnt.

The dilemma is that although millions of dollars are spent every year worldwide on training and development (T&D) some estimate that less than 10% of such expenditure has a positive improvement on performance back on the job (Detterman and Sternberg).

As a result,you have a responsibility to validate training as a business tool, to justify the costs incurred in training and to guarantee there is a return on investment (ROI). To do this means ensuring that training does not end in the workshop but includes a transfer of learning to the workplace.

Creating a policy document, is essential for those responsible for T&D to ensure that there is learning transfer from the training room to the place of work.

This is presented within the following parameters:

  • The Learning Transfer Challenge
  • What Assists Learning Transfer?
  • A Learning Transfer Model

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